Eugene Richards: Stepping Through the Ashes

Eugene Richards: Stepping Through the Ashes

Of the many books of photographs that have attempted to capture some aspect of the attacks on 9/11 and their aftermath, few have managed to do so without coming off as exploitative, insensitive, or simply rushed. This new title join the short list of exceptions. The partners Richards and Altongy study New York after the attacks. Richards's black-and-white portraits and cityscapes alternately express the chaos and stillness of grief. They are complemented by sections of commingled memories from firefighters, police officers, and citizens compiled by Altongy. Since Richards was not in the city on 9/11, this book doesn't have any of the traumatic views present in other books: a welcome respite. Richards's more ethereal images are not essential, but these books have a place with Magnum's New York September 11 and Sterling's homage to firemen, Brotherhood.

Rebecca Miller, "Library Journal"

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