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Brexit Delays

UPDATE 30.01.2021

Dear customers,

we would like to inform you about the current status of deliveries: last week, approx. 15 of the 30 deliveries we are waiting for went through customs clearance. Two more were cleared on Friday and we expect them to be in our warehouse after the weekend. Unfortunately, the main problem today is that UPS does not stick to the chronology of shipments. This week we received parcels that were sent to us on January the 8th, 11th, 14th and the 21st, but we are still waiting for the shipments from January the 4th, 5th and the 6th. Therefore, we regularly intervene with our suppliers who, as very large distributors (shipping parcels via UPS to several hundred countries around the world), have access to senior management at UPS.

Obviously, UPS is not fully responsible for the current situation, as problems come primarily from formal inaccuracies between the British and the EU (in this case Polish) customs officers. In the current situation, however, only pressure on UPS can speed up the resolution of the problem and the clearance of the oldest deliveries. We hope that most of the undelivered deliveries will reach us in the coming week.

We have received information that DPD plans to resume deliveries of international shipments from Great Britain on February the 1st. For sure, the presence of an additional carrier will help relieve UPS and DHL, who were one of the few companies handling deliveries from Great Britain in January.

Bookoff team

UPDATE 22.01.2021

The first of the deliveries, which have been held at our carrier's warehouse in Poland, awaiting customs clearance, was delivered to us earlier today. Based on this, we hope to see progress in regard to the delivery of all the remaining parcels, which are still awaiting customs clearance. 

Bookoff team

UPDATE 20.01.2021

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you about the current status of deliveries: unfortunately, we are still waiting for customs agencies and courier companies to fulfill their obligations regarding our deliveries, which have been waiting in their warehouses in Poland for several days. We are in constant contact with our carriers. We received the following message from UPS earlier today:

"The current increase in parcel volumes is a challenge for our operations and our Customs Agency. We are sorry that this is currently the case. We are working on a solution to the current problems. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this situation."

As a result of the aforementioned situation, we have decided to split your orders, so that all the titles available in our warehouse will be sent to you right away at our expense. The missing books will be sent separately as soon as they are delivered to us. We hope that this will compensate You the longer waiting times. At the same time we once more kindly ask you for your patience.

Bookoff team


Dear customers,

we would like to inform you about the current status of your orders. As you may know, most of our suppliers are based in the UK. Unfortunately, due to changes related to Brexit and the new customs obligations that were introduced on January the 1st, we are currently witnessing a number of delays in the delivery of shipments from the UK. While an agreement between the UK and the EU has already been signed, it will take some time to have it fully implemented. What we are currently experiencing is mainly a formal and administrative problem related to the paperwork required for customs clearance. We assure you that we are in constant contact with our suppliers, carriers and the customs agencies to minimise delays, but sadly the time  these new procedures take is beyond our control. We anticipate delays to continue for the next couple of days or weeks until the British and EU officials find common ground. The agreement between the UK and the EU was signed in the 'last minute' mode, during the holiday season, when many offices are traditionally closed. Therefore it was not until the first days of January that the implementation of the new procedures' has begun across all channels. We received confirmation today that all parcels from our UK suppliers sent to us in the initial days of the New Year are in Poland, but are still waiting to be cleared at customs. Due to the problems described above, this entire process is unfortunately slower than it should be. However, we hope that in the following days and weeks, the customs clearance service will be improved and the delivery deadlines will return to normal. We hope that all delayed parcels will reach us after the weekend and we will keep you updated on any developments. If your order is delayed, please be patient. These are temporary difficulties and everything will return to normal soon.

Best wishes, 

Paweł Rubkiewicz