Digital Art Masters: Volume 2

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'A fascinating glimpse into the working practices of the pros.'
3D World magazine - (Volume 1) Nov 06

'Perfect for anyone seeking inspiration and technique ideas, and full of practical tips' 9/10
3D World magazine - (volume 2) Sept 07

'It's a showcase, it's a 'behind the scenes', it's two great tastes in one! Kudos to 3DTotal for jumping in with style.'
Dan Wheaton - concept artist / matte painter.

'This book not only exhibits the artists at the cutting edge of the digital art industry but also delivers valuable tips and advice that will usher in the next generation of Digital Art Masters. It is books like these that continually challenge and inspire me in my own artistic journey.'
Tim Warnock - matte painter / concept artist /

'For those who are not satisfied with only a 'final picture' book and also want to know the techniques behind the images. A nice start for a new book series'
Rafal Wojtunik - 'Fallen Art' BAFTA winning movie & Platige Image concept artist.

'With truly the best collection of digital artists, this book stands out from the masses with its elegant lay-out and explanatory content fit for any artists of any genre or level. This beautiful art book jump-started my inspiration and muse, and I found myself doodling along after reading through it.'
-Henning Ludvigsen

'3D Total's second instalment of "Digital Art Masters" gives you once again the opportunity to take a look over todays most popular digital artists shoulders. You are not only getting a beautifully treated and presented art book but also interesting insights on how the artists create their stunning visions. You wouldn't want to miss that opportunity!'
- Natascha Roeoesli

Definitely one of my favourite art books of the year. It contains an incredible source of inspiration from amazing digital artists all around the world. The high quality of this book is outstanding to say the least; it will become a part of my personal collection for sure.'
- Frederic St-Arnaud

'When inspiration meets technique... Inside these pages, the best digital artists reveal and share their techniques through detailed step by step tutorials of their most beautiful pieces. DAM Vol. 2 offers a unique chance to discover all the secrets from the pros in both 2D and 3D, but also stunning digital masterpieces from worldwide renowned artists.'
-Melanie Delon

'Page after page of this book made me as an artist feel inspired and challenged by the work of my fellow imageers. If for no other reason than to add this book to your library of Artbooks you won't go wrong ... Highly Recommended. Buy it, it's well worth the price.'
-Mario Georgiou
Meet some of the finest digital 2D and 3D artists working in the industry today, and discover how they create some of the most innovative art in the world. More than just a gallery book - in Digital Arts Masters each artist has written a breakdown overview, with supporting imagery of how they made their piece of work.


With Digital Arts Masters you'll understand the artists' thought process and discover the tips, tricks and techniques that really work.

Key Features:
* 50+ artists and 900 stunning color images show the best in today's digital art
* More than just a gallery - each artist offers insight into how their image was created
* From the team at - cutting edge imagery and techniqes
The book is divided into five genre sections (sci-fi, scene, fantasy, character, cartoon). As with volume 2, approximately 55 artists will be chosen and each artist will have a brief biography and a showcase image. They'll describt the creation of the showcase image - focusing on the aspects which were most challenging or interesting.

Broadly each artist will explain the process from concept, modeling, texturing, rendering, and lighting through to post-production. Each artist's section will also include 2-3 additional 'portfolio examples'.

As with the current volume there will be a foreword by an industry figure and introduction by the editors at 3D Total, explaining the concept and layout of the book.
Kod produktu: 9780240520858
ISBN: 978-0240520858
Strony: 662
Focal Press
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